On Command Hot Water Recirculator

For New or Retrofit Installations Using the existing cold water line as the return line, On Command™ is ideal for both new and retrofit installations. Typically installed at the furthest fixture from the water heater, On Command™ fits out of the way, under any bathroom vanity. Connections are made from the hot and cold lines to the suction and discharge side of the pump using adapter tees and stainless flex lines provided. When hot water is needed, the pump is activated by pressing a starter button, runs only long enough to supply hot water to the fixture and then automatically stops. This prevents hot water from entering the cold line. A spring-loaded Integral Flow-Check valve (IFC®) prevents cold water from entering the hot line. Optional wireless RF or motion sensor starters are also available.

Features and Benefits of the Taco On Command™

• Instant Hot Water Comfort
• Maximum Water & Energy Savings
• 24 Hour operation
• Maintenance free circulator - unmatched reliability
• Removable stainless steel cartridge - contains all moving parts
• UL listed
• Integral Flow-Check (IFC®) to prevent thermo-siphoning or gravity flow
• Pre-wired power cord and integral temperature sensor
• Adapter tees & stainless steel flex lines included
• RF wireless remote or motion sensor starter-optional
• Ideal for tankless water heaters

On command